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The imaginations album text

"Big Balloon" was inspired by the timeless sound of a French waltz with the imagery of a magic balloon floating along to new adventures. The song represents childlike wonder and reminds parents of a time that was light and carefree. A time when each day was filled with magic.

"Imaginations" sees the world through the eyes of a child when the world filled with excitement. In our imaginations, we can play games, we can fly, or we can be explorers. We can also watch clouds turn into sail boats!

"New Yellow Bike" reminds us of the closeness and importance of our relationships with friends and siblings. For some it may be a beautiful memory and for others It is a wish that their children will enjoy close friends and share countless adventures with them.

"All I Need" is about the tender bond between parent and child. It is the feeling of being together, sharing love and knowing that all we really need is one another.

"Make Some Memories" is about making the most of every moment and creating beautiful memories anywhere and everywhere. Whether in your home or at the top of the highest hill, we can make each day creative and fun!

"Anything At All" encourages children to see the world as a wide-open place where you can be anything, you can do anything and you can achieve anything. If you can imagine it, you can do it!

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