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About Paper Rainbows • Songs and Music

          ...and parents, too!

Fun music for kids...          

Imaginations is a fun collection of children’s songs that embrace the wonder of childhood. The album features 6 new songs that are sure to be enjoyed by children and parents alike.


The Paper Rainbows project began in 2020, when Nate and Kaelie Highfield became new parents to a beautiful baby girl. As successful songwriters, the couple have always appreciated the simple beauty of music written with children in mind. Now they found new inspiration in their daughter, Juniper. When they shared the idea of making an album of children’s songs with their partner, Rob Chiarelli (Will Smith, Christina Aguilera), the Paper Rainbows adventure had begun. 


We all remember the Covid lockdown of 2020, which was a challenging time for everyone.

So, Nate, Kaelie and Rob decided to invite a few of their friends and colleagues to participate in the Paper Rainbows project. It quickly became a virtual “who’s who” of the music business, including Reggie and Vincent Calloway (Midnight Star, Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole), Derek Nakamoto (Men in Black, Whitney Houston), Tom Saviano (Heat, Al Jarreau), Barry Rudolph (Hall and Oates), Tom Kahre (Kanye West), Charlie Lo Presti (Foo Fighters), Chandler Bridges (Johnny Mathis, JayLo), James Kocian (Ginny Owens) and Ed Smith (Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald). With the love and support of so many talented musicians, the ‘Imaginations’ album grew from an idea into a collection of beautiful songs, performed by world-class musicians and arranged in a way that is sure to please children, adults and the young at heart.


Imaginations will be available from Streetlamp Records everywhere digitally on August 26, 2022.

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