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Paper Rainbows Group • Creating Music For Children 

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Kaelie Highfield, Nate Highfield, Rob Chiarelli & Angela Chiarelli

Featured vocalist: 

Kaelie Highfield


Produced, composed and arranged by:

Nate Highfield, Kaelie Highfield and Rob Chiarelli

Additional Vocals: 

Angela 'Lena Dov’ Chiarelli, Kaelie Highfield and Nate Highfield

Piano, Organ, Guitar, Ukelele & Bass: 

Nate Highfield


Piano & Organ: 

Derek Nakamoto

Piano & Strings: 

Kaelie Highfield



Ed Smith and Nate Highfield



Robert M. Chiarelli


Calliope & Organ:

James Kocian

The Rainbow Horns: 

Reggie Calloway, Vincent Calloway, Tom Saviano and Nate Highfield

Engineered by:

Barry Rudolph, Rob Chiarelli, Nate Highfield, Kaelie Highfield, Tom Kahre, Charlie Lo Presti, Reggie Calloway, Vincent Calloway, Tom Saviano, Derek Nakamoto, Chandler Bridges, Jordan Cantor, Ed Smith & James Kocian


Mixed by: 

Rob Chiarelli for Final Mix, Inc.


Mastered by: 

Steven Grove


Recorded at:  

East West Studio 3 (Hollywood, CA)

Final Mix Studios (Burbank, CA)

Yellow Bike Studios (Agoura Hills, CA)

Art Director: 

Angela Chiarelli | Dov Designs

Project Management: 

Aaron Overton


Theresa Chiarelli

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